Helping families discover

financial freedom

through entrepreneurship

& ecommerce.


Helping families


financial freedom



& ecommerce.


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Hi, we're Jessica & Larry!

Business consultants and entrepreneurs since 2009, mom and dad of 5 (and a lovable St. Bernard!), co-founders of multiple 6-figure eCommerce brands on Etsy, Amazon, Shopify (and more).

We’re passionate about empowering family-centered entrepreneurs to achieve their own success while building a work-life balance!

The Lathrop Family

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More Goodies To Help Your Business Grow

Discovering Familypreneurship

Discover ways to build a success business that provides a lifestyle with more time for family and financial freedom.

Building Your Business

Resources to help get started with building your business, to help you create a strong foundation for long term success.

Nourishing Your Business

Information and tools to help organize your business and grow strategically, to build a stable biz for the future.

Balancing Your Work & Life

Resources & free printables to balance business with your family & personal life. Make time for what matters most!

Let's Work Together!

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Business Consulting

Learn from those who’ve walked a similar path and been in your shoes.

We work with purpose-driven individuals looking to start or grow a business, with family and balance always at the heart of your growth.

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