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10 Motivating Movies To Feel Like You Can Conquer The World The Whole Family Can Watch

Movies can be amazing- they can make us laugh, cry, get excited and even be scared out of our minds! Pick the right flick and you can find yourself feeling ready to conquer the world! We’re getting you started with a list of 10 motivating movies that will give you that ‘I’m unstoppable’ feeling that cinematic storytelling does best!

But have you ever wondered why movies can do this so well?

Why does a good movie- or sometimes a GREAT movie- leave us feeling like we can conquer the world?!


Technically, it is called neuroscience. Simply put, our brain releases different chemicals when we are scared, happy, sad, or anxious.

This list of 10 movies, which I have carefully compiled (in addition to some serious popcorn and tissue testing), will trigger those happy and motivating chemicals like dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin. 

The best part? These chemicals don’t JUST produce feelings of joy and motivation, but triggering them consistently builds our long-term sense of well being and boosts our productivity.

Let’s take a look at the movies on the list (with bonus download at the end):

Motivating Movie #1 – The Bucket List

Jack Nickolson and Morgan Freeman play two hilariously crotchety old men who wind up in the same hospital room and realize that they’re running out of time to live their best lives- so they embark upon the most amazing journey to complete their bucket list.

This is a great way to get the happy vibes will also discovering a few awesome bucket list ideas of your own. And why wait? Start now. 

Motivating Movie #2 – The Pursuit of Happyness

A single father (Will Smith) encounters major struggles trying to support his son on his own, and builds a better life for them both through inspiring hard work and determination that will leave ANYONE feeling like they, too, can be a total badass.

You literally CANNOT go wrong with this movie- like, if THIS guy can make a comeback of such epic proportions, you can TOTALLY rock your own life, am I right?! (Just watch it, you’ll see what I mean.)

See the trailer here.

Motivating Movie #3 – Legally Blonde

Oh, Reese Witherspoon. The woman that has sparked an entire generation of women who can rock a head-to-toe pink ensemble and ALSO be the smartest, most motivated person in any room.

This sweet story follows a sorority ‘air-head’ on her journey to self-discovery as she breaks all barriers and becomes an overall awe-inspiring lawyer.

Motivating Movie #4 – Erin Brockovich

Although it’s not the cutesy, fun-loving vibes of Legally Blonde, this true story ‘legal’ movie features a single mom (Julie Roberts) struggling to make ends meet as she gains a job as a lawyer’s aide and convinces him to take on a HUGE case for the well-being of the local townspeople after discovering that a big corporation has been poisoning their city water supply.

Erin’s hard work and dedication changes the lives of her family while heroically helping the town battle the corruption that is damaging and endangering their lives.

All little girls should want to grow up to be like Erin, I definitely do!

Motivating Movie #5 – Regarding Henry 

This movie. This movie has a soft spot in my heart.

After getting caught in a gas-station shooting, Henry (a young and dashing Harrison Ford) loses his memory and has to learn to walk and talk all over again.

While his wife and daughter are eager to help him recover, Henry discovers himself in all the most important ways as he realizes the perfect high-profile life he previously had didn’t exactly have the best priorities.

As we watch Henry struggle to grow into the person he knows he can be, our hearts are warmed by the sweet moments and encouraged by the endless bravery that brings him through life’s challenges. See the trailer here.


Motivating Movie #6 – Now And Then

This star-studded cast will take you way back to the amazing 1970 as three lifelong (but recently more distant) friends get together once again and recount the perfect summer that bonded them all for life.

Both uplifting and moving, this film leaves you feeling grateful for the people you love and reminds you to take advantage of every short moment we get.

Motivating Move #7 – The Blind Side

Sandra Bullock brings her A-game to this (based on a true story) film about a homeless, disadvantaged teen with an amazing gift for sports. Leigh-Anne (Sandra Bullock) takes in the homeless teen and teaches him the importance of family, hard work, and love while also learning these lessons in completely unexpected ways herself.

THIS is the ultimate ‘rock bottom is just the starting place for new dreams’ kind of movie. 

Motivating Movie #8 – Hidden Figures

Wow. If you haven’t seen this yet, put it at the top of your list.

This is the story of the three women behind the genius mathematical formula that made it possible to launch a man into orbit- three women who previously were rarely mentioned in the history books and were most often overlooked.

These women, and the amazing way that they overcame challenges at work, in society, and amongst their families to become some of the most impactful women in history, will definitely leave you feeling inspired to be your greatest self. See the trailer here.

Motivating Movie #9 – Now You See Me

This story about a haphazard group of four magicians will not only motivate you but will leave you awe-inspired as well.

Brought together by an anonymous leader, four street-smart and talented people create a team of powerful illusionists, gaining prestige, money, and fame with their amazing skill sets- but there’s a bigger goal at play, and it all boils down to the greater good.

Don’t miss this film to get your ultimate ‘I can do anything’ attitude.


Motivating Movie #10 – The Theory of Everything

Chronicling the mostly-true story of Stephen Hawking’s early days as a Cambridge University student and incredible physicist, we see Stephen learn about his motor neuron disease and try to manage his disease, his relationship with the love of his life, and his science in the little time that doctors say he has left.

As we all know, Stephen uses his brilliance to help defy the odds of his condition and live to be one of the most intelligent, amazing minds the world has ever known.

It’s truly amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. 

So now you have an AWESOME list of ten movies that will leave you feeling like the ultimate kick-butt, take-charge human alive- let that motivation stir you up inside and let’s see what you do with it! You’ve got this, and I can’t wait to see where you go next! 

Now go, have fun watching, and save me some popcorn! 😉


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