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10 MUST READ Books Most Entrepreneurs Haven’t Heard Of Yet

THIS particular list of books is made just for entrepreneurs- these books are fun to read, INSANELY informative, and you probably haven’t heard of them yet. They are PERFECT for the avid reader, and even better if you’re just starting out on your reading list and need to get some good ones started, STAT.

If you were to Google the habits, traits, or even the morning routine of most successful people, there’s something that ALWAYS comes up high on the list- they read and learn CONSTANTLY. I mean, like that’s their hobby, what they do in their free time, for FUN, y’all. *gasp*

I know, I know, who am I kidding, you’ve probably devoured a TON of books already, right? You’re a kickass entrepreneur, duh, OF COURSE you’ve read at least a few good books!

That’s why I geared this list towards NEW books. I want to help you get your reading groove on, without seeing the same titles over and over again.

While I could go on and on about why reading these is super beneficial for your brain AND your business, these books really do the talking for themselves. That said, I’m gonna just cut right to the list:

Must Read Book #1 – You Are A Badass At Making Money, by Jen Sincero

Okay y’all, I have to start with this one. I know I said I would let the books talk for themselves, but THIS one I’ve read, I’ve listened to on audiobook, I’ve done all the things.

It always gets me focused and in the right mindset to literally BRING ME THE MONEY!

I actually had a hard time choosing between this book and her first one, but this one is newer, so it made the cut. But if you haven’t read, ‘You Can Be A Badass,’ it is sure to make you LOL and learn some cool things about yourself, so here’s the link to that one, too. 

Okay so here’s the link to You Can Be A Badass At Making Money, and here’s a quick summary:

“You Are a Badass at Making Money will launch you past the fears and stumbling blocks that have kept financial success beyond your reach.” Using hilarious anecdotes and witty wording, Jen captures all the things you never knew you needed to hear, so that you can think differently about money, and grow totally boujie wealthy- just like you deserve to be. *wink wink*

Must Read Book #2 – Start With Why, by Simon Sinek

Okay, so this is NOT a super new book. But I had to include it because it is just. so. powerful. And unless I’ve been living under a rock, I think this book is a bit underrated and undiscovered?! (Please comment below if you’ve read it, I want to hear your thoughts!)

So I apologize if you’re rolling your eyes at the already dog-eared pages of this one, but I did technically give you two for the #1 slot. I think I’m safe including this here.

Just in case you haven’t yet discovered it’s awesomesauce.

Here’s the link for this one.

Simon teaches you to put the PURPOSE into what you do, so that you can be successful like super-geniuses Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Sheryl Sandberg, need I go on?

Don’t skip this book if you want to be an entrepreneurial powerhouse.

Must Read Book #3 – Made To Stick, by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

This book seems to be gaining some traction in the entrepreneurial world, and it’s no wonder why. I found this line buried at the end of the book’s summary:

Provocative, eye-opening, and often surprisingly funny, Made to Stick shows us the vital principles of winning ideas—and tells us how we can apply these rules to making our own messages stick.’

Seriously!? Why didn’t they lead with this one?!

This book is everything it promises to be- a what-to-do AND what-not-to-do manual of crazy stories that should NOT be missed.

So here’s the link for this one.

You’re gonna want to add this to your reading list, especially if you’re looking to be the owner of the next viral idea, product, video, or whatever.

Must Read Book #4 – The Four Tendencies, by Gretchen Rubin

Okay, so first of all, let me warn you. THIS book is about personality types. (Oh God, not ANOTHER personality type thing to keep track of…)

But I’m including it on this list because it just EXPLAINS so much!

Seriously, Gretchen breaks down the personality categories for us in a way that helps us to make better decisions, be less stressed, and have better communication.

So unlike taking yet another Enneagram quiz, we can actually take this knowledge and immediately apply it to bettering (bettering, is that a word?) our life. 

Here’s the link to the book, but beware- this book isn’t JUST going to amplify your business abilities, it’s going to improve your personal life, too. (You’re welcome.)

Must Read Book #5 – Born for This: How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do, by Chris Guillebeau 

Y’all!! Y’all…(okay, let me calm down a sec…) Here is yet ANOTHER winner by Chris.

If you haven’t read his other books, start with this one, then jump backwards. THIS newest one is definitely a winner. 

Even if you think you know what your calling is, this book is SO VALUABLE for generating ideas and creating that HIGH VIBE energy.

The focus of this book is on starting side hustles and ideas on becoming entrepreneurial super stars, but what really makes this book valuable (at least for people who already have a business idea and clear niche) is the way he magically pulls out the PASSION!

You get so excited reading this book that you wind up feeling like you can take on the world, and that is the BEST magic juju for manifesting greatness.

So here’s the link to the book. Don’t forget to tag me in your instagram when you’re a super badass bajillionaire. (It’s @owllytics, in case you forgot.)

Must Read Book #6 – Daring Greatly, by Brené Brown

At the risk of being completely cliché, I seriously cannot make this list without including Brené Brown. I know, everyone has fallen in love with her (how could you not??) and her TED talks and Netflix special are ALL the rage, and you can’t scroll 10 minutes on Facebook without seeing one of her quotes pop up, and your sooooo over her already, but trust me on this. 

Brené Brown is… for lack of a better word… magic. She’s a freaking brilliant statistics professor who happened to let her in on her wacky mind one day as a last-minute fill-in for TedX Houston, and WOW you just cannot go back to your pre-Brené mindset.

Don’t just be all, ‘Yeah, I’ve seen all the Brené Brown stuff, I get it.’ You are short changing yourself if you don’t get the actual, in-depth greatness that she has to deliver. 

This is the link to the book, and since I’ve only gushed about Brené, Daring Greatly (oh yeah, the book!) is a great manual for letting ourselves be vulnerable, be visible, and open ourselves to amazing opportunities through taking uncomfortable chances. #liveyourbestlife 

Must Read Book #7 – Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World, by Timothy Ferriss

You’ve probably heard of the book, ‘The Four Hour Workweek,’ right? It seems to be all the entrepreneurial rage.

While I think a 4-hour workweek is a bit reaching, this latest book of his really hit the spot.

Maybe, that’s because it’s more of an anthology of other people’s stories, and I LOVE a good story.

This book is like a who’s who of wise tidbits- things that some of the most successful people in the world would say if you asked them, ‘What’s your best bit of advice?’ 

So while I’m honestly not the biggest fan of Mr Ferriss (sorry Tim), this book was a winner in my book, and definitely deserved to make the cut for this list. 

Here’s the link, and I will let you decide for yourself. Comment below with what you think of the book when you’re done with it!

Must Read Book #8 – Your Best Year Ever: A 5-Step Plan for Achieving Your Most Important Goals, by Michael Hyatt

So far, we’ve talked about mindset, idea generation, personal growth, but let’s get down to the brass tax: accomplishing our goals. We all set goals. New Year’s is like the goal setting marathon for the world, right? Like, resolution this… resolution that… But how many of us set goals that we never actually accomplish? 

That’s a problem no more! This book is going to help you learn how to actually set and accomplish goals like a pro! 

With less than 500 reviews (as of the time of publishing this article), Michael is definitely undiscovered, but the value he brings in this book definitely speaks for itself. If you suck at keeping and accomplishing your goals, give it a little looksie, you won’t be disappointed. 

Here’s the link to the book, and seriously, don’t let the lack of people actually logging into Amazon to leave a review fool you, this book is the key to being a certified goal crusher.

Must Read Book #9 – Smarter Faster Better, by Charles Duhigg

This most recent book from the genius writer that brought us, ‘The Power of Habit,’ is all about productivity, baby!

Who doesn’t want to be more productive, am I right?!

Since I’m a neuroscience fanatic, this book was right up my alley- it uses actual research, data science, and some cool, grand-scale success stories, to help us be our most productive self STAT. 

Although this book is pretty darn new, it is already taking readers by storm and getting rave reviews from all the right places. Sure to be another New York Times bestseller, you won’t regret spending your free time reading this one. 

Here’s the link to this one, and just between you and me, I think the audiobook might actually be better with this book, and that’s saying a lot since I’m not a huge fan of audiobooks, with my half-deaf ears over here.

Must Read Book #10 – Crushing It, by Gary Vaynerchuk

Look, y’all, I ALMOST didn’t include this one. I mean, I love Gary Vee as much as the next guy (okay maybe not QUITE as much as some people), but because he’s the freshest thing to come along since social media itself, it seems unlikely that you haven’t heard of this book before. 

But then I got to thinking, even though you’ve probably heard this book be promoted, well… pretty much EVERYWHERE by now, have you actually READ it yourself?? Probably not! So it gets to snag the last slot on this list, because it really is worth the read.

Let me tell you why- social media is an ever-changing, rapidly flowing BEAST, you guys!

Even the ‘pros’ don’t truly understand all the ins and outs, so what you need to do to be successful on the socials is probably going to require some outside-the-box thinking. Gary Vee is the OOTB go-to guy.

Like him, hate him, you gotta give him that, at least. So hearing what he has to say on this subject is invaluable, especially if your business relies a lot on social media marketing. 

So here’s the link for this one, and if you haven’t read his ‘Thank You Economy’ book, here’s the link to that one, because it’s definitely worth the read and is INSANELY underrated despite being from 2011. 

BONUS Book #11 – The 10-10-10 Journey, by Jessica Lathrop

It wouldn’t be a complete list if I didn’t shamelessly plug my own brand-new book, right? I almost didn’t include it because it’s not geared towards entrepreneurs specifically, but it is a short and sweet how-to of sorts that covers thinking more positively, building a tribe of friends that elevates you, manifesting your dream life, and more.

With quick but powerful exercises (and downloadable worksheets) for each day, you can’t go wrong with this 10-minute a day life improvement manual.

Some of the anecdotes might be bit cringy (at least to me), but the worst that can happen is you read the book, waste 10 minutes of your day, and learn a couple new things, right? 

Okay, that’s enough about my own book… *blushes* Here’s the link to check it out, it will be on sale for the 2020 release, so hopefully you find this link in time to get the sale price!


 So that’s my list! How many of these books have you read already? How many have you heard of? Did I do a good job compiling these?

If you can think of a book I should have included, drop it below in the comments for the rest of us! (Sharing is caring!) 

I hope y’all love these as much as I did, and remember to always keep reading, learning and growing! If Bill Gates still has room to learn, then I most definitely do! *wink wink*

I guess that’s it, y’all! So happy reading- catch you on the flip side!

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