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3 Mistakes (Most) Service-Based Businesses Make (And How To Fix Them)

Every busy entrepreneur would love to take a shortcut and avoid mistakes. But it’s hard to avoid something when we’re not even sure what we are doing wrong. We wanted to help you save time and make more money by coming up with this quick list of the top 3 mistakes WE see most service-based businesses make.   

Are YOU making these common mistakes? Let’s dig into what you can DO to solve these mistakes and move your business forward!

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Mistake #1 -Using the same content to target multiple audiences

This means using ‘broader’ content on landing pages, pitch decks, email/sales funnels, etc to target a variety of ‘pain points’ or a bigger group of people. This makes it harder for people to connect with your  message.  Sending a generic message might cause your audience to skip or even no longer find value in your content.

Don’t worry though, this is an easy fix!  Just create separate stuff to address ONE specific problem, pain point, product/service, type of customer, etc

  • One Problem
  • One Client
  • One Solution

The result is that people feel like you’re speaking DIRECLTY to them equaling more trust and higher conversions!!

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Mistake #2: Not calculating ALL of your overhead costs when deciding on the pricing of your services

Make sure you’re not shortchanging yourself by calculating ALL of your costs and factoring that into your pricing.  Don’t forget web hosting, subscriptions, etc.

A great place to start is to view your bank statements.  Go back 13 months minimum, that way you get all those annual fees.

Don’t forget annual charges- such as web hosting, domain name renewals, even costs like Tailwind Tribes or if you have a premium website theme, like Divi- these add up quickly. (Even that $5 monthly Medium account makes a dent in your profits.)

Adjust your prices to make sure you’re getting paid fairly for your time/services!!

Mistake #3: Not giving CLEAR next steps for potential clients to work with you

When we do audits for our clients, we OFTEN find that they might have a fantastic social media following, but aren’t giving SPECIFIC instructions on how to move forward!

People are much more likely to TAKE AN ACTION when they are told to do so. It’s a simple mistake that can be easily fixed.

To fix this, don’t be afraid of being pushy- just go for it! It’s the bold that take the gold.

Put a clear call-to-action in EVERY single interaction you have with your audience- whether it’s a blog article, a social media post, etc.

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As a result, you’ll start seeing people signing up or reaching out to you more than ever before! More leads mean more sales- way to go!! 🔥


The big take-aways:

1- Create separate, targeted content for YOUR unique audiences.

2- Take the time to calculate ALL of your overhead costs and price your services accordingly.

3- Use clear Call-To-Action prompts to get potential clients to TAKE ACTION!


Make sure you take a second to see if you’re making these simple mistakes and then take the steps to fix them- and watch yourself CRUSH those goals like a PRO!

You’ve got this!! 🎉🎉🎉

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