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Selling on Amazon has one definite downside- dealing with Amazon Seller Support when trying to solve and close your trouble cases. This article is FOR YOU- we’ve got tips and tricks to get your Amazon Seller Support cases closed with real RESULTS! No more frustrating issues- get ready to finally get help with your Amazon support cases!

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We’ve been selling on Amazon for over a decade now, and have listed well over 2,000 products in that time, so as you can imagine… we’ve had a LOT of Amazon cases over these many years. 

There’s definitely tips that can help you avoid those ‘automatic’ responses and actually get the RESULTS you’re looking for! Keep reading to learn how to handle Amazon Seller Support like a PRO!

Tip #1: Create a single trouble ticket per asin/problem.

We were told by an Amazon Seller Support team member to always put every single issue on it’s OWN separate Amazon support case. 

For example:

    • If a single ASIN (product) has two problems, then you need two support tickets.
    • If you have a single problem with different ASIN’s, you need separate support tickets for each ASIN.

When we started doing this, we found that the speed of resolving the issue(s) went way faster, and many of our issues were completely fixed on the first try.

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Tip #2: Actually get Seller Support on the PHONE. 

To get the best results, ALWAYS choose the CALL ME BACK option- don’t ever use the EMAIL option. 

When working with the email system, usually you get a standard response that uses templated responses and doesn’t always solve the issue. In fact, a lot of times the seller suport rep doesn’t even fully UNDERSTAND the issue, so the email you get in return has pretty low odds of actually resolving your problem.

How can you get Amazon Seller Support on the phone?

  • Go to the HELP option at the top right corner of your Seller Dashboad.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and the choose ‘Need more help?’ option.
  • Follow the prompts to explain your issue is into the space provided, and include the ASIN or order number, if applicable. 
  • Choose PHONE as the contact method for Amazon to respond. (This process is shown in more detail in the video above!)

It is a lot easier for the seller support member to understand your issue and correct it faster when you are able to explain it to them over the phone. 

They also tend to be MUCH more helpful over the phone, as you’re getting a real person and not an automated email response.

Tip #3: Always talk to the support person nicely. 

This one might seem obvious, but it’s actually the hardest (and most important) thing to do when you’re frustrated and looking for answers.

It’s importnat to remember that there’s a real person on the other end of your support case, and you are never gonna get anywhere by being rude to them.

In fact, you can use your phone call to build a rapport with them, and they might even help in the future or tell you faster ways to resolve your issues for if your situation happens again. (And you would be surprised how many times the same issue might pop up!)

Always thank the support member- no matter what.  If they weren’t able to be much help, you can end you call with “Well, I want to thank you for trying to help.” 

In fact, using words like “I appreciate your effort” in the middle of your call can be a HUGE bonus, as you’ll often find that the support member will go out of their way to solve the problem for you as fast as possible.

Tip #4: Try, try again.

Not all seller support agents know everything or are able to fix the problem on the first try. If they can’t help you or didn’t solve the problem, don’t be afraid to call again and get someone on the line that can give you better results.

Plus, calling a second time is WAY better than waiting for the 2 (or 10) emails you need to send just to explain the issue over and over again.

You might also find that even if the support member WAS able to help you, the problem can occur again. You’ll want to call back again and explain to the support member how it was resolved the last time, and they can help you even faster.

Tip #5: Search the Seller Forums. 

With many of the problems you will encounter while selling on Amazon, you will find that other sellers have had the same issue.

Using the Amazon Seller Forum can help you find answers quickly and efficiently, because other sellers often state what they did to correct the issue.

Additionally, other sellers and Amazon Seller Support team members will often chime in with other ways to solve the problem that you might not have thought of before. 

And if you don’t find the answer to your problem in the Seller Forum, but figure it out on your own, be sure to share on the seller forum to help another seller in the future!  Sharing is caring. *wink wink*

In general, these tips will help you get results QUICKLY when you are having problems and need to open a case with Amazon Seller Support. 

If you have any tips of your own, please comment and share them below! 

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