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5 Ways To Make New Friends As A Busy Mompreneur

How To Make New Friends As A Busy Mompreneur | OWLLytics
Running a business as a Mompreneur can be so timeconsuming, it gets hard to make new friends. Making friends that GET our hectic schedules, struggles and crazy ideas can be even HARDER. Here are 5 genius ways to make fun, new friends that support you AND mesh well with your mompreneur lifestyle.
We’ve all been there- trying so hard to get along with the other moms at the playground, birthday party, school function, or whatever, only to end up in the corner feeling like a loser while the cool mommies talk among themselves on the other side of the room.

When we’re busy entrepreneurs, we can feel even more disconnected, because we’re some in some odd kind of place between the working moms and the stay at home moms. 

I recently went to a kid’s birthday party where I finally just walked up to two moms mid-conversation conversation and stood there with my best mom smile like one of the amigos- they literally stopped mid-sentence and stared at me like I was a chip-n-dale’s dancer and had forgotten my thong. Basically, the message conveyed was ‘YOU DONT BELONG HERE.’
Okay, cool. I totally get it. I’m new here. ?
But sometimes we get so caught up in the desire to be included that we don’t stop to think about whether we actually LIKE these ladies or not. Are we into the same hobbies? Do our kids get along? 

I didn’t even stop to consider what we may (or may not) have in common, or if we would actually enjoy each other’s company.

I just wanted to be seen. To have another mom to laugh with, chit chat with, and all that other ‘friend’ stuff that seemed so easy for everyone else.
Are these ladies going to get frustrated if I can’t show up to their weekly coffee dates? Or will they be totally chill if I can only show up occasionally?
If I have to cancel on girl’s night because a client is having a situation that NEEDS to be handled immediately, am I still going to get invited to the next one?
How To Make New Friends As A Busy Mompreneur | OWLLytics

It took me a long time to realize that it was more important to find the RIGHT friends, the kind and supportive friends, than to just HAVE friends.

Because ultimately, there’s A LOT of other moms out there. There’s plenty of people willing to chitchat with me about the most recent show of whatever series we both watch AND hear my new idea that I’m so excited about.

Plenty of moms are willing to laugh with me about the latest fiasco I’ve encountered in my day. And there’s plenty of amazing people who will leave me feeling uplifted and happy when our (fun but rare) coffee dates end.

Except we aren’t always finding these amazing soon-to-be bestie moms, because we’re caving under the pressure to befriend Janie’s mom at school so our kids can hang out on Saturday.

So let’s take a step back. Let’s share some ideas on how to find fellow mommies that will mesh with OUR mompreneur vibes.

Mompreneur Friend Finder Hack #1 – Local Facebook business & mom groups

OMG…the ability to see what people post online before committing to a playdate at the park is an invaluable friend-matching tool! I cannot stress enough how many times I’ve hit it off with another online mom, and the ability to narrow them down based on similar meme-humor is a total score.

The perk of this one- you can join women’s entrepreneur groups and post in there to find local moms nearby who are ALSO entrepreneurs!

Or go the opposite route- join local business groups and then search out the other moms!
You can also make friends online- don’t discount the power of a good Zoom-based wine and giggle fest. 

Mompreneur Friend Finder Hack #2 – The library

There’s usually storytime, craft events, etc. going on! I’ve met some super cool chicks while watching our kids fight over the biggest toy bins.

As odd as this place might seem for mompreneur vibes- I’ve discovered that the moms who generally go to library story and craft times are usually fun, laid-back, and enjoy new ideas!

That makes these ladies a pretty good fit at base level. It just works out somehow.
Plus library storytime is a great way for the kids to be entertained while us moms have some casual conversation over on the side. (Double bonus!)
By the time you leave the chat with the fellow moms, you should have a pretty good idea on whether you have things in common with any of them, and also see how they respond when you say you run a business. (Believe me, there’s been some bewildered responses and some REALLY cool moms who either also ran their own businesses or were wanting to try!)
How To Make New Friends As A Busy Mompreneur | OWLLytics

Mompreneur Friend Finder Hack #3 – The coffee shop

Okay this one’s a bit harder, because you have to go full-on friendly vibes to do this.
Grab your fave coffee and sit on a couch or chair next to another bored lady. Then strike up a casual conversation.
You can start with great ‘friendship pickup lines’ like, “Hi! What’s your favorite phone game, because I’m about to throw my phone out the window if I lose this angry birds level again.” or my personal fave, “Did they give you an extra shot of espresso too, or do I just look especially crazy today?” ?

I like this spot for making friends because ladies who sit down inside of a coffee shop tend to be either- A- also busy, (like me!) and looking for a quick, quiet break OR B- also working on some sort of flex system, which makes them a great fit.

The downside to this location, however, is that they MIGHT not be moms. But some of my greatest and most supportive friends in life have included many amazing ladies who haven’t gone down the kid road for whatever reason.
Good friends don’t HAVE to be moms, there’s so many other things you can have in common and vibe out over!

Mompreneur Friend Finder Hack #4 – (The obvious one) The local playground

If you’re really hoping to find fellow moms to mesh with specifically, this is the spot for you!
The playground is a super easy place to meet new moms, cuz we’re all just sitting there- playing on our phones out of sheer boredom while our kids chuck sand at each other like it’s their best day ever.

Strike up a convo! Get chatting! (Also a great place for that angry birds pick-up line.)

This location requires you to do a bit more research though- ask what their hobbies are, what do they do for work, for fun? You’re not trying to find out their salaries, so don’t get too nosy- but you definitely want to see if your vibes will mesh. 
While this is a great place to find mom friends, you will also find that these ladies will have much broader ranges of interests- some work, some stay home, some like horror films, some are super into Disney…you get the point.
There’s a million different personalities you can discover here, I’m sure some of them are bound to mesh well with yours! 

Mompreneur Friend Finder Hack #5 – The bookstore

Hear me out on this one. I recently met the most amazing lady at the bookstore, around 7-8pm-ish. She’d taken her son to the restaurant next door and they made her dinner margarita a little stronger than expected. So, they walked over to the bookstore to kill some time and play with the toddler stuff!
We totally hit it off over similar ‘Well, I guess I have an hour to kill now…’ kind of experiences. (Hey, don’t judge…us short people can be totally one-and-DONE with the right bartender.)

The perk of making mom friends at the bookstore is that you have an automatic conversation starter- what do they like to read? What book would they suggest? This helps you figure out fairly quickly if you have things in common.

Plus, (and not to stereotype here, but…) people who go to bookstores are generally more open for new ideas, new stories, etc. Readers are learners! So booklovers tend to make pretty good friends for mompreneurs!
How To Make New Friends As A Busy Mompreneur | OWLLytics
So there’s a pretty decent list to start with, right?

Comment below with your fave mompreneur friend-finding hot spot too, if you’ve got one. Us moms need all the help meeting each other that we can get! ?

 Ps- if you’re one of those mommies deep in conversation when a random mom approaches and busts in like a weirdo, please be patient with her… she might be feeling totally awkward and just need a friend to talk to. ?
5 Ways To Make New Friends As A Busy Mompreneur | OWLLytics

Hey, thanks for reading! 

Got a question? Comment below! I’d love to help! 🙂

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