To Bridge the gap

between your goals

and your success


To Bridge the gap between your goals and your success


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Growing Together.

We started out as entrepreneurs just like you- filling orders on our dining room table, pulling all-nighters to keep our small business steadily growing and expanding.

When others started asking us for advice, we realized that helping other businesses grow and succeed was infinitely more fun and exciting! With new sectors, new challenges and new data to explore- we were fascinated by endless possibilities.

What started as a passion project quickly progressed- and we decided to take the leap and launch OWLLytics, so that we could be dedicated to our clients, without distractions.

With data science, machine learning, and plenty of coffee, we started to really dig deep into business strategy and haven’t looked back.

Who Are We?

Meet The Team

Larry Lathrop

Data Scientist & Operations Analyst

With one master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and another in Data Science,  Larry’s skills cover all bases. Larry loves being hands-on and finding fresh solutions to those day-to-day problems.

Larry is a regular contributor for HowMuch.net in addition to providing data science and analytics for large corporations, startups, and small businesses.

With a large number of certifications in skills ranging from R, Python, Tableau, Google Analytics, Excel, Optimization, and many more, Larry is ready to tackle any challenge!

Jessica Lathrop with OWLLytics

Jessica Lathrop

Business Strategist & Content Director

Jessica has cornered efficiency, productivity & marketing design. With a master’s degree and over a decade of experience in rapid-growth entrepreneurship, Jessica’s business perspective is out of the box in all of the best ways.

Jessica was named UMGC’s International Entrepreneur of 2019 and was featured on ‘Crushing40’ by Impact Radio USA in 2020.

With specializations in streamlining and content design, and an unparalleled resourcefulness, Jessica’s creativity and focus make ideas come to life. Jessica loves helping business owners accomplish their goals with less stress along the way.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

Jose Luis Herrera

Director of Sales, Mr Jeff Services

I had the opportunity to work with them and it was very exciting, they have a very advanced business and process vision. It is a very logical profile and with an extraordinary capacity for analysis. I recommend them and it would be a pleasure to work with them again.


Jason Gregory

Marketing Manager, 3Eagles IT Solutions

OWLlytics has helped my business develop. Jessica and Larry both have provided professional guidance and marketing assistance that helped our team get off the ground. I would definitely recommend them as the first step for a business that is looking to grow.

Brittany McCormick

VP Operations, Amazon Growth Strategist

OWLLytics has been an invaluable component of our overall business strategy. Leading with data, OWLLytics provides factual evidence in a digestible way which allows leaders to make the most educated business decisions. Their ability to tell the story through compelling visualizations has proven to close sales leads, increase revenue, improve profitability and provide pivot opportunities.


Jeff W.

Content Marketing Freelancer

OWLLytics over delivered and gave us some reports that WILL be helpful, but weren't requested. Now that we have them though, we've gained even more insight.

Michael M.

President, Cartology

Self-awareness and ability to engage with others to impact them is paramount in the human experience and this is what most excites me about the OWLLytics team. I will continue to work with OWLLytics and would recommend you do so too!

Nicholas T.

Founder of delight.labs

OWLLytics is AWESOME! They provided a clear solution to my murky analytics situation and were able to work with multiple tools including ClickUp exports, Google Sheets queries, and Databox queries to pull together my data, and they provided a great video walkthrough of all of their work. Highly recommended!!

Shauna Borgschatz

New Business Owner, MyMountainTee

I have always wanted to start a small business but never thought in a million years I could do it. After watching a couple of Owllytics youtube videos I was convinced I could actually do it!

Paul Hickey

Founder & CEO of Data Driven Designs

They are able to clearly articulate and understands expected deliverables, deal with challenges, and deliver consistently. I'm super happy with all of the projects I've hired OWLLytics for and highly recommend them. OWLLytics brings the value.

Shelley Stevens

Small Business Owner

OWLLytics is one of the best sources of information for small businesses who are bootstrapping. These guys really know their stuff!


Vasundhra Gupta

Author of My Spiritual Shenanigans

Power-couple for sure! You guys' work is meaningful, well-researched and there's constantly something new to learn and incorporate in my own work. Thank you!

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