01. Organization

The primary element for any smoothly-running, successful business (or home) is organization. Time management, preparation tools, and streamlining are all parts of maximizing your organization and your success, in all areas of life.

02. Wisdom

We can’t fix something if we don’t understand how it works, right? This is as true for your business as it is for anything else. Our articles and tutorials help you learn things you might not have even thought of before! The more you know, the more you grow.

03. Leverage

We want you to be able to find your bottom line, discover your biggest potential for profits, and find new areas to expand. Our tools are designed to give you the power to run your business better than ever before, because strategy builds strength.

Who Are We?

A Family Of Professionals

Larry Lathrop

Data Scientist & Operations Analyst

With one master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and another in Data Science,  Larry’s skills cover all bases. Larry loves being hands-on and finding fresh solutions to those day-to-day problems.

Read more about Larry and his biz experience here.

Jessica Lathrop

Branding, Design & Solutions Architect

Jessica has cornered efficiency, productivity & work-life balance. With a master’s degree and over a decade of experience in entrepreneurship, Jessica’s business perspective is out of the box in the best ways.

Read more about Jessica & her biz experience here.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

About 72% of our clients have reported an increase in revenue, and most experience a noticable decrease in stress, as well as an increase in overall work satisfaction.

We credit these results to the power of planning and optimization, while utilizing bootstrap resources to limit your expenses while growing as much as possible. Approximately 65% of our paid clients come back to gain a more personalized approach, or to improve other departments, expand market reach, etc.

While we don’t track the progress of all of our readers or free tutorial users, we hope to be able to do so in the future with surveys and other neat analytic tools!

Thanks for being a part of the OWLlytics revolution, where we believe in building stronger businesses without breaking the bank.



Revenue Increase


Repeat Clients

OWLlytics has helped my business develop. Jessica and Larry both have provided professional guidance and marketing assistance that helped our team get off the ground. I would definitely recommend them as the first step for a business that is looking to grow.

Jason Gregory

3 Eagles IT Solutions

Power-couple for sure 🙂 You guys’ blogs are meaningful, well-researched and there’s constantly something new to learn and incorporate in my own work. I loved the recent insight on color palettes. Thank you!

Vasundhra Gupta

My Spiritual Shenanigans

OWLlytics is one of the best sources of information for small businesses who are bootstrapping. These guys really know their stuff!

James-Shelley Stevens

Small Business Owner

OWLLytics over delivered and gave us some reports that WILL be helpful, but weren’t requested. Now that we have them though, we’ve gained even more insight.

Jeff W.

Content Marketer

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