About Larry Lathrop

Hi! I’m Larry, co-founder, and Chief Data Specialist at OWLLytics.

I have two master’s degrees in business and am working towards my Ph.D., so to say I love all things the business is an understatement. I have 5 kids, a surprisingly gassy Saint Bernard, and a wife who always keeps me on my toes. We’ve lived the seaside in Spain for about 2 years now.

In addition to my own entrepreneurial experience, I am always learning new stuff about business and data science, and I love to help others (with data or their biz) to learn and grow as well.

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I am a regular contributor for HowMuch.net (the website that makes the cool data visuals) and do data science and analytics for large corporations and small businesses alike. 

With a master’s degree in Data Science and Organizational Leadership (plus almost a decade of experience), I’ve got all of the bases covered, so you can slide right into home and conquer your business. 

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The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

– Walt Disney

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More About Me & My Life


I grew up in Denver, Colorado, where I met and married the most beautiful woman I know!  Shortly after marriage (and two kids, we move fast), we enlisted in the US Navy. The Navy moved us to Jacksonville, Florida, where we happily spent the next ten years.  And if you ask where I’m from, it would be Jax!  (Go Jaguars!!)

When my wife launched her first business in 2009, I remember telling her “this stuff is stupid and nobody would pay for that!” So imagine my surprise when she was so busy with sales that I started assisting her with her business.

A lesson to you all out there, no matter what others say- even your spouse- just follow your dream!

As a supportive husband, I started in the manual labor department- completing and packaging orders.  Next thing I knew, we were selling on eBay, Etsy, and Amazon (before it was actually a thing)! 

After learning that the Navy was replacing the P-3C Flight Engineer (aka MY) position with computers, I decided not to re-enlist and used my G.I. Bill to get a degree in business.  Life was busy and amazing, and the next time I looked up, I had a Bachelor’s and 2 Master’s degrees! I’m now working towards my Doctoral (PhD) degree in Entrepreneurship.

In 2016, my wife and best friend gave our family a scare with the birth of our son (if you want to know more, see my wife’s about page).  This led us into automating our businesses, and we moved our family of 7 (oh yeah we had 3 more kids during all of this) to Europe!

We now live in Spain, we’re learning the language (demasiado lento) and building OWLLytics. It’s our #1 goal to be the place people can come and learn how to start, grow, or improve their business in countless ways!

Experience & Background


Served 6 Years Active Duty in the US Navy 2008-2014

Looking for a change in life, we joined the Navy.  I enlisted and completed 2 years of intense Flight Engineer training. During the next four years, I served 2 deployments with the Fighting Tigers of VP-8 in Bahrain, Qatar, El Salvador, and Honduras (not to mention the 1,000+ hours of flying I accrued).

Jumped on Board with Jessica in 2013

In 2013, I changed my plan to become a real estate powerhouse post-Navy and became a work-horse for my wife’s business (which at this point had replaced our military income).  After lots of sweet disagreements, I found my calling- helping to grow my wife’s dream. My business degrees helped balance her creative juices, and we grew like crazy. 

Launched our third brand in 2018

After moving to Europe, we launched our third brand (and my second favorite), SMOOCHIES wine glasses!  This came with a lot of struggles, and some hard lessons learned. But it was also a LOT of fun. We also fine-tuned our streamlining skills, which had we applied to our other businesses before moving, and continually update as we keep expanding!

Launched OWLLytics in late 2019

After the stressful launch and lessons learned from the launch of SMOOCHIES, my wife and I decided we wanted to help others using our business experiences.  Hint: here came the birth of OWLLytics!  This has to be my favorite project out of all of them!  It is something I am very passionate about- believing we can help others improve their business ventures.

Thanks for reading, and welcome to OWLLytics!