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OWLlytics.com is a place for people to learn and improve their lives and their business, and enjoy a community of like-minded people.

We strive to keep OWLlytics.com a safe and productive place for all of our website users. To maintain a friendly community, we reserve the right to delete any comments as necessary.

As A General Guideline:

If a comment…

  1. Is unfriendly or impolite (to either the author of the post or any other commenter)
  2.  Advocates an illegal practice
  3. Uses profane, vulgar, or unnecessarily harsh language
  4. Appears to be spam, or written primarily to post a link or advertise
  5. Infringes on anyone’s rights
  6. Contains copyrighted material not licensed for distribution on the site
  7. Impersonates another user or author
  8. Is off-topic or unnecessary
  9. Contains hate or intolerance of any kind
  10. Is determined by post author to need removal for reasons not listed above

…then the comment may be deleted by OWLlytics staff or any authorized moderators.

The deletion of comments is wholly within the discretion of the volunteer moderator or OWLlytics employee, and their decision is final and not open for reconsideration.


But What If I Disagree With Someone?

We encourage discussion that promotes new ideas, out-of-the-box thinking, and growth. This means you might disagree with the post or another comment from time to time.

We welcome our readers to share their opinions and knowledge.  Please speak up if you disagree with the author of a post or another commenter;

HOWEVER, you must be polite and you must be friendly.

Following these rules will continue to grow OWLlytics into a productive place for learning and collaboration.


Important Legal Information

The opinions of commenters and guest posters on OWLlytics.com or its social media sites are not those of OWLlytics.com, its owners, managers, employees, or representatives.  If a moderator or employee has not yet deleted a particular comment, it is NOT an endorsement of said comment.

The comments on this site are not owned by OWLlytics.com and only the individual commenter is liable for its comments.

Any person or person(s) who find a comment or guest post on this site that violates these guidelines or misuses the intellectual property of another should immediately contact OWLlytics at support@OWLlytics.com


Additional Note:

The content for this page was developed by using information from the Comment Policy page found at IncomeSchool.com. I would like to thank the creators at Income School, LLC for the base information used to create this page and credit them for the terminology and references provided.

Legal Information

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