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5 Easy Steps To Kickstart Your Dream Life TODAY! (No vision board needed!)

I know, I know, vision boards are all the RAGE right now. I’m seeing them on Pinterest, on YouTube, they are taking the entrepreneur world by storm. And as appealing as they look, I honestly don’t want to take the time to make one, when I am already trying to kick total @$& at my business and still get dinner on the table before my kids fall asleep. So until a free weekend day actually pops up, this article is going to give you 5 FAST, practical ways to create a MENTAL vision board and kick start your dream life.

(Psst… we have an amazing goal manifestation & dream life worksheet set for FREE at the end of this post! So read to the end!)

So let’s go back in time a little bit…to my earlier biz days. I’m sitting at my kitchen table, sipping my (now almost cold) coffee, daydreaming about how awesome my future is going to be…when I realize I have literally NO CLUE how to actually GET to my goals. I have goals, sure! But how do I get from point A to point Z?

How in the ever-loving, H-E-double-hockeysticks am I supposed to actually ACHIEVE my dream life?! 

Sound familiar?

Fast forward five years, and my life is now unrecognizable- in all the best ways. I moved from Florida to Europe. I run my biz mostly from my couch, with my husband. We visit new cities (and countries!!) a few times a year with our 5 kids. On any typical weekend, we picnic in the park under the glorious Spanish sunshine and drink amazing Spanish wine with our friends (who are WAY cooler than we are, by the way).

So let’s cut through the nonsense and get to the magic question- HOW?? 

We live in the era of dream boards, vision boards, goal lists, manifestation techniques, and on and on… but I often talk to clients (hey, Mom! ?) who clearly know WHAT they want but have a hard time figuring out how to get from their life today to their dream life in the future. Taking their vision into their daily routine is a common challenge I LOVE to help them master. 

So I decided to write this as a quick guideline, or a simple to-do list of sorts, so that ANYONE can get started in the right direction! And it’s only a 10 minute process, so there’s really no excuses not to jump right in here, right? (Nod your head if you agree.)

These five steps are geared towards kickstarting your life’s progression NOW, today.

So go refill your coffee, grab a pen and paper, and let’s get started.

Dream Life Step #1 – Sit down and write out what one ordinary DAY of your DREAM LIFE looks like. 

*This is the biggest and hardest (and for some of us the funnest) step. And it’s 100% worth it.*

How do you want to spend your typical 24 hours- are you working, are you retired?

Where do you wake up, where do you have breakfast?

Are you sitting in a sea-side resort in Bali, working comfortably from your laptop? Are you heading up a board meeting, detailing all of your company’s hard earned success? 

Or, like me, maybe you’re sipping coffee with friends at a quaint Spanish cafe, not worried about how the bills will get paid (or whether your upcoming vacation is an expense you can’t really afford because business is going great and people are really getting value out of what you do). You have three hours block scheduled later in the day for work time and the rest of the evening spent with your super-cool kids. The hubby, is in the kitchen pouring us a glass of wine. Life is good.

Be detailed, fill in everything from breakfast and exercise to your bedtime routine.

The more details you add, the easier and faster this will work. 

Just pretend you’re creating a schedule for ONE full dream day in the middle of the week and write it all out.

(Pssst… there’s a worksheet at the end of this post to make this easier…)

Dream Life Step #2 – Look over the schedule and change anything that’s obviously unrealistic.

Look, Joe, I’m talking to you- that yacht party at 2pm?? It’s Wednesday, Joe, save that for the weekend. Maybe go golfing instead, or take a meeting with Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates to pitch your next big idea. 

It IS your dream life, so big goals are awesome- but don’t lose sight of reality!

You’re not trying to be the next Wolf of Wall Street over here, blowing money faster than he makes it, then crying on the floor in a pile of cocaine. No! 

You want your dream life to last forever. Make your day AMAZING but also attainable. (See my worksheet and example at the end for ideas.)

Dream Life Step #3 – Spark Up That Imagination!

Now that your dream day is perfect, and you’ve ironed out any kinks in the schedule, I want you to read through the entire schedule AGAIN from start to finish. Just read it and imagine it. 

REALLY picture yourself going through this day. Picture your clothes, picture your briefcase or handbag, picture your coffee cup (can you tell I have a slightly unhealthy love for coffee?) and so on. 

I know you’ve already gone over the schedule, like twice now, but repetition is a HUGE part of raising your happy vibes to match where you’re trying to go.

So this third time’s a charm, I promise. *wink wink*

This is by far the easiest step, so have fun with it!

Spend a few minutes daydreaming, go mentally shopping, put on your power clothes. Give a quick presentation on your newest idea in the mirror.


Vibe it up!! Visualization makes it all come to life.

Dream Life Step #4 – Bring A Small Detail To Life.

Okay… now that we’re intimately familiar with our new, soon-to-be implemented schedule, find something on that schedule that you can do TODAY. (Or tomorrow if you’re like me and things tend to fill up quickly- did I mention I have five kids and three businesses?) 

It can be something small, like eating that feta salad for lunch, or something bigger like fitting in a 2pm yoga class.

Did you find it? Now make sure you do it today or tomorrow. 

If there’s NOT an activity you can do that’s directly from the schedule, don’t worry. I’ve got that covered, too! 

Instead, you can do an activity to PREP for the schedule- because let’s be real, there’s a lot of prep work built into our daily lives at EVERY stage of life!

We’re prepping for meetings, prepping for product launches, even preparing school lunches so the morning goes smoother for the kids and you can spend that extra 10 minutes feeling relaxed instead of rushed.

PREP work is what gets us from point A to point Z, every single day. 

The same is true no matter how rich or famous you get, or what your ‘dream life’ looks like. You gotta hustle, and you gotta prep.

So what activity did you choose?

Maybe it’s coffee at a nice, nearby cafe with a notepad to brainstorm in style (okay, I’ll chill on the coffee references, sorry…). Or writing a blog article to post on your new website. Maybe it’s organizing your pantry because your future housekeeper will need to know where to put all the groceries and junk, right?!

Just find something you can do for an hour or so. It doesn’t have to be crazy, it doesn’t have to be big, but it DOES have to happen.

Dream Life Step #5 – The magic that makes it all come together…

Okay, I might have lied before, because I think *THIS* one might actually be the easiest step. (I’ll let you guys decide.)

After your activity, I want you to take a quick minute just sitting down, going over the activity in your mind. Just appreciate what you just DID, the activity itself.

You LITERALLY just did something to get closer to living your full-on, epically-amazing, dream life. You DID it, it’s done.

Feels good, right? Sit there and feel how amazing that is! 

You’re ONE STEP closer to that dream life, and all you had to do was spend an hour of your time to get there.

(Ok, maybe it was 20 mins, but every minute counts). 

You want to think about that feeling of being one step closer to your goal, and things will start falling into place for you.

Remember that feeling a few times a day. 

Now the rest is automatic.

I’m more imaginative than my husband is, (with his analytical brain over there) and he likes to tease me a bit.

So he calls these visualization tools my ‘money juju.’

I always laugh and tell him ‘its… magickaahl!’ (Yes, I just made a Teen Titans reference, I blame it on the kids.) 

But the truth is that it just requires a little bit of time, a little bit of daydreaming, and a lot of faith. The rest of the work does itself!  

To make it extra easy for you, download this FREE worksheet and example, and fill it in on your smart phone. (Score!)

Then repeat these 5 steps every week or two, adding in one activity at a time, until your dream life is your reality. Boom. You’ve got this!

So I want to know if you decide to try this process, and how it works for you!?

Share your ‘juju’ experiences with me!

Hearing about how it works for others also helps us bolster our own visualizations, so sharing’s a win-win, right? 

Anyway, I’ll let you get busy writing your schedule down, and you can comment your progress later, just don’t forget about me, okay? Okay?! ?

Hey, thanks for reading! 

Got a question? Comment below! I’d love to help! 🙂

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  1. Lisa

    I love this so much, thanks OWLlytics!!! The download is perfect to get started NOW. I like hard copies, so mine are printed and being completed as soon as I’m done typing here. — And thanks for the coffee reminder. I need a refill. 🙂

    • Jessica Lathrop

      So glad you found it useful! I prefer having a paper version, too! 😉


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