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How To Set Up A Yelp Business Listing – And Why You Need One

I know what you’re thinking- of the many places to set up profiles for and list your business, Yelp seems so 2010. Am I right? But surprisingly, Yelp is a vastly underrated tool businesses can use to boost their visibility, both online and off. This article is going to give you all the info on what benefits Yelp offers, as well as a step-by-step on how to get it set up for your business. 

What is Yelp, you may ask?

Back in the pre-Google days, you used to have to dig through the phone book directory to find a business for the products or services you needed. Back when I was like 21, I had a side hustle delivering phone books to all of the houses in my neighborhood. It was an easy couple hundred bucks for a weekend’s work, and I was SO surprised to see how eager people were to get their updated phone books! That’s because it used to be the only way to find businesses in your area. The phone book was a powerful tool, y’all. 

This is what Yelp kinda is- a directory of companies, but with a modern twist.

What makes Yelp different is that it takes the standard business directory but replaces all of the hassle of sections and alphabetized listings with a handy search feature. (No more thumbing through pages.) Then, to REALLY add to the power of Yelp, the site allows for customer reviews! 

These customer reviews are how Yelp provides value to the consumers (users)- people can quickly see which businesses provide great service. And, sometimes, you can see which businesses should potentially be avoided. *yikes*

Yelp also offers other great features to both the consumer and the listed businesses, making it a hugely valuable resource for businesses.

Why should I care about having a Yelp listing?

Getting your business listed on Yelp helps establish your brand’s authority.  Listing on Yelp helps give you the branding recognition that search engines like Google use to rank sites higher. (This means you get a boost in Google search rankings.)

Yelp has a HIGH domain authority, which means that Google sees Yelp as a very important ranking tool, and prioritizes it’s content.

Having a Yelp listing with your website attached (which then creates a backlink from Yelp) can REALLY help your website to get a more influential authority in Google.  More authority = higher search rankings.

To understand exactly how powerful Yelp can be for your business, let me share some stats with you. (Sorry, the data scientist in me can’t resist!)

Ubersuggest ranks yelp.com with a 97/100 domain score. That is huge!! Like A+ huge.

The Yelp.com website has over 232 Million visitors each month, over 270K backlinks, and ranks for 53 million different keyword terms. 

Does your brain hurt yet? There’s more… so much more.

Yelp isn’t just for web browsers. It also has some banging mobile power.

The Apple App Store ranks the Yelp app as #4 app in the travel section with a 4.2 rating.

They also have over 334 thousand reviews!

And the Google Play store has the Yelp app with over 50 million downloads.

That’s 50 MILLION people who jump on their phones and check out those Yelp business listings. Wow!

Have I convinced you yet that it’s not quite so stuck in 2010?

How Do I Set Up A Yelp Business Listing?

Setting up a business listing on Yelp is actually really easy, and only takes a few minutes! 

The longest part of the process is a review to ensure the business is real, which is an automatic check Yelp does for every listing.

(This process is similar to what Google My Business does. Here is an article on how to set up a GMB listing, if you don’t already have one.) 

It generally takes about a day or so to have your listing approved, but if you have any trouble, just reach out to Yelps Business Support. Yelp’s support system is pretty on point.

So let’s get started with your Yelp Business listing set-up.

To make it as easy as possible, I have a step-by-step slideshow below, or a longer tutorial you can scroll down through.

Yelp Business Listing Set-Up Slideshow

Just click the right or left arrows to scroll through each step below.

Step 1

Step 2

Click on “Manage my free listing

(the big red box)


Step 4

Add your business details to Yelp.


If you do not have a physical location, leave the street address blank.

Step 5

Click the “Add Business” button.

Step 6

Set up your business account with username and password.

Step 7

Check your email for verification. 

Step 8

Inside the verification email, click on the “Finish Claiming Now” button in your email.

Step 9

You are now logged in your Yelp business account.

Step 10

Fill out the bare minimum information to show up in the Yelp search. (Or fill out more if you have time.)

Yelp Business Listing Step-By-Step Tutorial

Just scroll down and complete each step below.

Step 1

Go to https://biz.yelp.com/ to get started.

Step 2

Click on Manage my free listing.

Step 3

Enter the zip location and business name.

This page is searching the Yelp director to see if your business is already listed.

Step 4

Enter the required information.

The critical information you need is:

  • Category
  • Phone Number (to help with the reviewing process)
  • Website (To help verify that your business is real)
  • Email (preferably with the @yourbusiness.com ending. It could be done with a Gmail account, but it might slow down the verification process.)

For the address, ONLY PUT THIS IN if want customer to visit your physical location.

If you are an online only business, do not enter the address. You can just leave this part blank.

Step 5

Hit the Add Business Button.

Step 6

Create your Yelp login.  

Enter your

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address (this is the account holder manager)
  • Password (this is where you will create a log in password)

Step 7

Yelp will now send a verification link to your email.

Step 8

Simply verify your business listing by clicking the link in the email from Yelp.


Step 9

Clicking the link in the email brings you to your business dashboard in Yelp. 

You are now logged in and ready to add details.


Step 10

You can enter the required parts of the profile (the bare minimum) to get your listing up and searchable right away. 

Then, when you get more time, you can go back into your account page and add as much of the other information as you like.

That’s It! You Are All Set!

You have finished setting up the important stuff for your Yelp business director listing account!

Your account is live and searchable! Great job!

You Can Also Utilize The Yelp Business Mobile App

The Yelp App for Business (for both android or iPhone) can do the same thing as the desktop website. 

The app is makes it easy to edits your listing and upload videos or photos.  All you need to do is download the app from your mobile app store and log in to your account. 

You can also choose to set up your listing in the App, if you prefer. The process is very similar and perhaps a bit easier to set up.  

Maximizing Your Yelp Listing With Business Hours

One great feature is that Yelp provides is the ability to put in your business hours. Yelp also has a list of local holidays for the year to help you plan out your hours for the entire year.  For example, if you are closed for a week during Christmas, customers will be able to see that you are closed.  

If your business is completely online, you can choose to show that your business is open for 24 hours a day. Then, by putting your website into your profile, customers will know to go to your site.

If you have both a website and a physical location, you will want to enter the hours of your physical location only.  

Yelp offers other types of features, like advertising and promotions.  These are paid features, and not necessary, but do have some nice benefits if you choose to utilize them.

The basic listing on Yelp will work perfectly fine if you do a great job creating your business’ Yelp page and upload a few fabulous images, videos, and excellent copywriting.

Remember that Yelp is a search engine for people to find a business.  You want your listing to be Yelp SEO ready to ensure you show up in the search results.

How To Maintain Your Yelp Listing Page

When it comes to maintaining your Yelp listing, your main goal is to ensure that your hours, location and website are kept updated. 

If your location or availability changes for some reason, ensure that you include Yelp in your checklist of places to edit the hours.  It only takes a few minutes and is very simple to complete.

This is important in order to avoid getting a bad review for not be opening when your Yelp says you are open. 


Yelp is a very underutilized service. Most new businesses have so many things to do during setup and launch that they often overlook things like Yelp directories.

Businesses that aren’t on Yelp lose out on a service that over 220 million people use each month. 

The 10-20 minutes it takes to set up your listing are well worth the benefits it gives to your business.

Don’t forget to have your current customers jump over and write you a review on your new Yelp page! Business testimonials help build trust, which is always a plus.  As an added bonus, the more reviews your page has, the better ranking you get in Yelp’s business search.

Now that YOUR page is listed and ready to go, you get to reap all of Yelp’s benefits- from customer reassurance to boosted Google Search rankings! Woohoo!

Great job!


  • If I have more than one location, can I add multiple locations?

    Yes. You can add and manage several the locations from your profile. Right below your business address on the left side menu, you will see a blue link that says "+add new location."

  • How long does it take to set up the listing?

    It should take anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. This all depends on whether you have most of your content ready, like the images you want to upload and the text you want to add.

  • What if I do not want the map pin marker to show my home location?

    You can easily place and move the location marker on the map. Just click the map and move the pin to your desired location. (It is recommended that you put it in a familiar place, such as the location Google map may place a pin for a simple zip code search.)

  • Can I change my business information later?

    Yes, you can save your directory listing at any time and edit your content whenever you like. Just click the edit button in whichever section you may need to edit.

  • Can my previous customers leave a review from a past visit?

    YES! It's a great idea to have your pervious customer go back and leave you a review. This helps your listing show up higher in the search. High reviews boost your listing in Yelp and give customers a sense of confidence using your service.

  • Is the Yelp Business app different from the Yelp app?

    Yes. Both of these apps are different. The Yelp app is what consumers use to find your business. The Yelp Business app is for YOU to control your business listing from your device.

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