Data Analytics Independent Contractor – General

(Remote Position)


Job details:

Data Analytics Independent Contractor

Part Time Remote Position

Pay Rate: $15-25 USD per hour (based on project)

This position is a part time, fully remote opportunity to join the OWLLytics’ data analytics team as an independent contractor. We are looking to build a team of rising star analysts, to assist with assorted analytical tasks for our various clients.

As a small and growing agency, this position will start with a small number of hours on an as-needed basis, and will grow alongside our agency as we expand.


Must be able to:

  • Be comfortable using R/Python, Tableau, Excel, and know how to use both Microsoft and Google suite products.
  • Apply a broad range of analytical techniques and approaches to complete assigned tasks.
  • Manage day-to-day tasks & priorities as assigned and in a timely manner.
  • Show ability to integrate, prepare/clean,  analyze and present data from various data sets.


Additional desired skills:

  • Experience with API and/or SQL.
  • Able to utilize other software programs that aid in data access & preparation, statistical analysis and graphical presentation of data (not listed above).


Who this job is perfect for:

  • Junior analysts looking for supplemental income.
  • Entry-level analysts looking to build their portfolio.
  • Graduating analysts looking to build experience with a paid internship type opportunity.


Who this job is NOT suitable for:

  • Analysts looking for a full time position.
  • Analysts looking for a position with benefits.

If this position sounds like it might be a good fit for you, please apply below. 

OWLLytics is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and as such, will consider reasonable accommodations as required by law.

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