Welcome to your first lesson on becoming a successful Etsy seller!

Let’s take a quick peek at WHAT Etsy is, and why NOW is a great time to start selling on Etsy…

Etsy is one of the fastest growing e-commerce platforms available right now!

The biggest perk to selling on Etsy is their recognition- Etsy is widely known in the e-commerce world, and gets 3.9 million sales on their website every single month. That’s one sale every 3/4 of a second!!

Just last quarter (Q2 of 2020), Etsy had over 2,500 MILLION DOLLARS in gross merchandise revenue- that’s 2.5 TRILLION dollars of products purchased in just those three months. As you can see in this chart, Etsy’s sales are literally exploding.

In fact, this in itself is amazing, because Etsy then takes those buyers and directs them to sellers, like you, who are selling the items they’re searching for. *ka-ching!*

In other words, Etsy is a matching service- a buyer goes onto Etsy’s website, searches for a product, and Etsy shows them search results of matching products from different Etsy stores.

The buyer then browses the products from the search results, picks what they like best, and purchases! Easy peasy, no outside marketing required. (Which is why we might be just slightly obsessed with Etsy…)

Etsy is even ranked above Amazon in the list of preferred e-commerce marketplaces to sell on! (And bonus points for being ridiculously easier and cheaper than Amazon as well!)

According to Etsy’s self-published info, most newbies make approximately $44,000/ year on an average, while top sellers can make $500,000 in sales or more, per year!

The best part is, because Etsy is growing so quickly, NOW is the perfect time to jump into the platform, and this course will help teach you things that can take sellers months, if not YEARS to learn on their own. This course is putting you ahead of a lot of other sellers, even if those other sellers might have been selling before you.

So let’s take a look at the Etsy selling process:

1. You decide what product you want to sell.
2. You open an Etsy seller account and start listing your products in your new Etsy Store.
3. You get your first sale(s).
4. You make and ship your item(s) to the customer.
5. Etsy keeps a small fee (for their match-making and store hosting efforts), and then sends the rest over to your account via direct deposit!
6. You grow your store, and sales accumulate as you apply smart strategies to gain more and more customers!

That’s basically the nut-shell version of how Etsy works!

With such insanely high sales, there’s really no reason NOT to start building yourself a great source of income- whether you’re looking for a full time income replacement or a side hobby for extra cash.

And we’re going to help you do exactly that! (In fact, that’s why you’re here, right? Woohoo!)

So let’s jump over to the next lesson and start exploring examples of SUCCESSFULLY selling stores, and start brainstorming what type of product(s) YOU can sell to carve out some of Etsy’s sales for yourself!

We’re so excited to get started building your AMAZING new Etsy store!

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