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Positivity Hacks: 5 Ways To Feel Happy When Things Suck

After trying and perfecting (and slipping then re-focusing) these little tricks over the past few years, I decided it was time for me to share my five hacks to feeling happy when suck and we have crappy days.

We’ve all been there, had THOSE days. You know, the ones that just SUCK.

Sometimes, it is a single, isolated day of general suckery.

Sometimes, it’s a week (or two weeks, or even a month) that just drags on and on, wearing us down slowly like an overused blender.

But what we sometimes forget is that these days (weeks, months) are temporary.

And there are QUICK ways to help ourselves get in touch with our inner HAPPY PLACE, no matter how crappy our day or week has been.

Well, guess what?

There’s actually a few tricks to HACK your brain into feeling happy!

You can do it in a few quick moments- and trigger endorphins, dopamine AND serotonin using one or all of the easy activities below.

So without further ado…

Here are 5 fast (and easy) ways to pump some good old-fashioned happy chemicals right into your brain for a fast pick-me-up:

1. Drink a cup of coffee or tea.

Slowly enjoy the flavors and smell the aromas.

Savor the experience and feel the serotonin start to release happy vibes. Ahhhh…

2. Find a cuddly creature to pet.

Even if you pet a stranger’s dog on the street corner.

Do it. It’s worth it.

3. Watch a short video of babies laughing.

YouTube has tons of videos to choose from.

Don’t like babies? No worries- watch funny animals instead.

The goal is to get yourself laughing, because laughter is really the best medicine.
It’s cringy, but true. #sorrynotsorry

4. Randomly give something to someone else.

If you can afford it, give a few dollars to the Starbucks cashier for the next person’s coffee.

Or drop a dollar into the library book before you return it.

Get even more ideas for random giving here.

Science says that when we do something to make someone else happy, we feel happier, too!

5. Spend a few minutes outdoors.

Take a few minutes to stroll around the block.

Or sit out on the porch or balcony (bring a blanket if needed) and absorb what you see and hear outside.

Are there birds? Traffic? People chattering along?

What colors do you see?

That’s life out there, it’s beautiful. Just relax and take it all in.

That’s it! 5 easy hacks to feel happy on rough days!

Did you notice that NONE of these require a significant other, a family member, or anyone other than yourself?

Take charge of YOUR happiness.

YOU deserve it.

P.s. – Feel free to comment below with additional ideas! 

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