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How To Set Up A Google Search Console For Your Website

How To Set Up Google Search Console | OWLLytics

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is for those who want to monitor their website performance in Google Search.  The Google Search Console provides a way for Google to communicate with you any issues your site might have related to Google Search, evaluate the site performance, provide data on your site’s performance in Google Search.  Keep in mind that the Google Search Console deals with your site search as it is related to Google Search and NOT Bing or Yahoo.  Those are handled by a different service.

Why Do I Need to Google Search Console?

Now that you understand that the Google Search Console is, let’s discuss why you need to set up the Google Search Console for your site. 

First off, it is fairly easy.  If you already have a Google Analytics account, all you need to do is click a few buttons. 

Second, you need to know if your page is ranking on Google.  If it IS ranking, you have officially put your website to the correct use, showing up in searches.  Congrats!

Third, you need to know if your site is not ranking, and WHY!  Google Search Console will send the site manager (you) a notification if Google finds an issue with your site.  One common issue is the Schema markup.  But Google can also penalize your site- and if your business gets a lot of leads from Google, this can be detrimental.  (Don’t worry, if you are not trying to cheat the algorithm with black hat tactics you should be fine.) 

Small tidbit, Google Search Console can also be used to help determine if your site has been hacked.  If you see words in the query ranking list that are not related to your site, this is a good indicator that your site may have been hacked.trying to cheat the algorithm you should be fine. 

How do I set up my site on Google Search Console?

It is recommended to set up Google Analytics first, as this will make it easier to set up your Google Console.  Please review our article on how to set up your Google Analytics account.

Things you will need:

You will need a Google account.  If you are using the G-Suite service, you can use your G-Suite domain login.  If you do not use G-Suite, do not worry, you can use your Gmail account instead. (And if you do not have one, just sign up for a Gmail account.  Signing up for a Gmail account is free.)

A Google Analytics account set is highly recommended first.

Google Console Account Set-Up Slideshow

Just click the right or left arrows to scroll through each step below.

Step 1

Step 2

Click on “Manage my free listing

(the big red box)


Step 3

Look to see if your business already listed.

Step 4

Add your business details to Yelp.


If you do not have a physical location, leave the street address blank.

Step 5

Click the “Add Business” button.

Step 6

Set up your business account with username and password.

Step 7

Check your email for verification. 

Step 8

Inside the verification email, click on the “Finish Claiming Now” button in your email.

Step 9

You are now logged in your Yelp business account.

Step 10

Fill out the bare minimum information to show up in the Yelp search. (Or fill out more if you have time.)

Google Console Account Setup Step-By-Step Tutorial

Just scroll down and complete each step below.

Step 2

Log in with your Google account. 

*If you do not have a Gsuite or Google account, then click Create Account

You are now in the Google Search Console portal.

Step 4

In the top left click on the Search Property area under the three-line icon.

Step 5

Select Add New Property.

Step 6

Click the add the address in the Domin selection. 

*Using the other one is for a more advanced topic, and this article is assuming you are a beginner.

Step 7

Input your website address with just domine name and .com. 

*No need to add the https://www.  Just add the domine name and your site ending.

Now you need to verify your domain ownership. 

This is where it gets a little hard for some people.  But it is very easy.


Step 8

Copy the code that was given to you in the pop-up window.


Step 9

Got to your domain hosting site

(GoDaddy, Hostgator, etc.)

Step 10

Add your information to the DNS record.

Step 11

Save the record.

Step 12

Go back to Google Search Console Click Verify

*This could take some time to complete.  If it takes longer then 10 minutes please contact your domain hoster.  

You have one more thing to complete.

You might need to add the site map of your site to the Google Search Console to tell Google to index your site.

*Forgetting this step code makes your site not rank for a very long time.

Step 13

Click on the Sitemaps menu on the left.

Step 14

Input your site’s sitemap. 

It is usually www.yourdomainename.com/sitemap.xml 

*Just double-check with your Webhosting provided to find the correct site map to upload to Google Search Console.

Sitemap Help

Most web hosting and platforms offer great walkthroughs on this and I would recommend using them to complete this set. 

Each platform is different and does things a little differently.  

Just go to your hosting sites help section and look search for sitemap.

Once Verified Your Set! 

Once your site is verified you are all set up.  You can come to this portal to see how your site is doing in the Google Search system.

What To Do After I Setup?

Now that you are all set up, now what?  Glad you asked.  Once you start publishing content to your site you will start to see some things look different the next time you log in to the console.  This is the data Google Search Console is sharing with you about your site.  I would recommend reading more about these features and what they mean on a deeper level.

What To Do Now That Google Search Console Is Setup.  

  • On the overview display, scroll down to and ensure you do not have any errors reporting form your site.  Some of these can cause huge problems with your site not showing up in the search.
  • The other thing you want to pay attention to is the bell in the top right corner.  That is how Google will communicate with you about the issues with your site.  Clicking on it brings up a sidebar for you to review any issues or updates that might have to happen to Google Search and your site.

  • Please treat these as emergencies as they can prevent your site from showing up in the search, thus losing leads or traffic.

  • Next, go to YouTube and learn what you how you can use this platform for your benefit.  


This article just wanted to cover the necessary basics that you will need in setting up your site.  And just like everything else with entrepreneurship, you have to learn as you go and keep on learning. 

And if you need or have questions please feel free to reach out to us.

Great job! You did IT!!  Time for a small victory dance!

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