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& Wellbeing!

  • Do you struggle to complete your goals?

  • Feeling overwhelmed & burned out? Stressed?

  • Having a hard time seeing the bright side of things?

  • Tried manifesting & goal setting, but still seem stuck?

A smart combination of neuroscience, psychology, and pattern-building skills worked into fast and easy daily exercises makes this the GO-TO, must-have journal!

With two weeks of use, you’ll notice a MASSIVE increase in your organization, goal completion, motivation, feelings of gratitude and wellbeing- PLUS a decrease in feeling stress & burnout.


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So many benefits and features!

Carefully crafted with proven principles of neuroscience and healthy habit-building skills to improve your daily life in these ways:

Boosts Well Being & Happiness!

Affirmations and thoughtful questions boost mental health & well-being through positive pattern building.

Feel Better Than Ever!

Uses a self-check system to see personal growth and recognize achievements.

Creates Gratitude Mindset!

Uses strategic writing prompts to enhance feelings of appreciation for your everyday life.

Weekly & Daily Benefits!

Specific exercises and writing prompts for morning, evening, starting a new week and ending your current week.

Prioritize & Crush Your Goals!

Organize and prioritize your goals quickly and easily every morning for MAX productivity.

Lower Stress! Reduce Burnout!

Our open ‘brain dumping’ technique helps to lower stress and feelings of being overwhelmed.

Smart Goal Visualization!

Uses structured visualization techniques for clearer and faster completion of goals.

Reset Your Subconscious!

Using this planner daily promotes smart repetition to reset your subconscious brain with a happier, healthier self-confidence and habits.

It’s the last journal you will ever want to buy!

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The story behind the Think It Dream It Do It Journal...

This planner was created through years of research, studies, trial and error, to really zero in on the positive benefits.

We wanted to create something that didn’t just help with organization and goal planning, but used smart repetition to trigger more happy chemicals in your brain (known as serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin).

The specific exercises over-ride negative subconscious thoughts to help build self-esteem, promote feelings of gratitude, and leave us feeling happier.



But WHAT led to its creation?

I’m a mom of 5 and a BUSY entrepreneur with three brands (plus this website and business consulting!) so trying to keep myself organized was a HUGE challenge!

It was really important to me to figure out how to maximize my productivity and stay on track with my goals- and I had goals for work, family, myself- all the things!

Then after a few scary moments in life, I also realized that I was pre-disposed to depression. Blech. This took my productivity to a serious L-O-W point.

I was desperate to figure out how successful millionaires juggled so much and STILL had time to go to the spa, or golf course, or charity dinners! There HAD to be some sort of magic trick to be productive and successful.

That’s when I started learning about neuroscience, and how to ‘hack’ your brain. (Don’t laugh, y’all…I was on to some serious stuff here.)


I learned about all of the ‘happy chemicals’ (dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin) and and ways to boost them, from food and sunshine to habit building. And being more organized was an added bonus!

I knew I was on to something when I had my fourth daughter but NO post-partum depression! Yes!! AND- my organization skills were top notch!

Then came our sweet surprise baby #5…and at 34 weeks pregnant I had a heart attack and both baby and I almost died. PTSD came calling, again, and with a fury!

Our businesses were capsizing and we had SO MANY things to take care of and only so many hours in the day to get it all done, especially with my newfound health limits.

So I hit the research again, studying everything and anything I could about productivity and habit forming, reading self-help books from famous entrepreneurs, and even read ‘The Secret’ and studied the Law of Attraction.

What I ended up with was a carefully crafted balance between organized data-dumping, goal prioritizing, visualization techniques, and exercises that builds self-esteem and promotes gratitude.

These exercises sounded so intriguing to friends and family, and I started sharing them with others.

And even though the science said they would work, I was so excited and happy to see AMAZING results for others, too! (What is it they say about doubting yourself? Oh yeah… Don’t. LOL)

The more I shared my worksheets, the more I helped people, and I absolutely loved hearing that they were feeling happier and more organized than ever!

So I took the worksheets and combined them into this planning journal, and voila! Here it is!

Each page has a specific purpose, each exercise has specific benefits, and it all comes together into a daily journal that helps you crush your goals, love yourself a bit more, and build the life of your dreams.

I hope you love this journal as much as we all have, and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

Thanks for shopping with us and supporting our family! <3



Is there international shipping?
You betcha!

We ship for FREE worldwide!

Please keep in mind that it can take 2-6 weeks to receive your journal when shipping overseas.

How long does it take to arrive once I order?

…usually takes about 2 weeks to be delivered within the United States once you place your order. Sometimes, it arrives faster, but it depends on how busy our printers are and where in the US you are located, as different locations have different transit times.

It can take between 2 to 6 weeks to be delivered if you are ordering internationally, as the package has to go through customs and cross over borders, which can take a bit longer. It’s worth the wait though- and a lot of our packages arrive in about 3 weeks.

Why are there different sizes of journals?
We have...

THREE different editions, in two sizes for our daily journal.

We have our full size, which measures about 8.5 inches wide by 11 inches tall (a typical notebook size). This size is perfect for those who like to write big or have lots of space to utilize.

We also have our pocket size, which measures about 5.5 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall and is about the size of a tablet. This size is perfect for taking with you on the go, keeping by your bedside, or in your purse.

There are 3 different versions as well. Our Monthly Edition has 5 weeks for you to fill in. Our 3 Month Edition has 15 weeks for you to master, and our 6 Month Edition is our biggest, with a whopping 28 weeks inside!

Can I get a refund if I don't like it?
Of course!

We’re confident that you’ll LOVE this journal!

So confident, that we offer returns with a full, 100% refund for up to 14 days after delivery! Just message us at info@owllytics.com with your name and order number to get your return started.

**This product was not created by a medical professional and is not intended to replace proper medical care or treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD or other conditions. Please seek medical care immediately if you are struggling with your mental health.**