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Your Morning Shower Strategy Session Is Ruining Your Day – And How To Fix It

Who showers every day, raise your hand?

(No, seriously raise it up, no one’s looking.) 

Who uses their shower time to strategize or plan out their upcoming daily events or workload- keep your hand up?

(No cheating, keep it up there!)

Did you know your morning shower strategy session is actually ruining your morning momentum and sabotaging your own success?

Keep your hand up if you agree…

No? Nobody?! (Is that a hand up, way in the back? No?) 

I probably sound crazy right now, because almost every entrepreneur or business professional I know uses their morning shower to either belt out their favorite ballads or mentally assess their day- or both. Morning shower strategy sessions are considered entrepreneurial multi-tasking gold.

But what if I told you that instead of being a powerful prep tool, this is actually setting you up for failure and frustration?

You’re probably stepping out of your shower with a mental tab of everything you need to get done today, everywhere you need to be, everyone you need to talk to, and so on, and so on. 

Dude, that’s a lot of stuff in your head right now. Feels a bit overwhelming, doesn’t it? 

Instead, what if I could teach you how to step out of that shower feeling like a total badass?

Your morning shower can turn you into a goal-crushing, life conquering PRO.

Sounds amazing, right?

Let me share with you the almighty power of the morning shower pep talk.

I’m totally guilty of those morning shower strategy sessions. It’s such a no-brainer to utilize the quiet time to piece together your day and prioritize your tasks or upcoming meetings.  One morning, however, I had woken up after having an AMAZING day before, and wound up spending my shower time thinking about the awesome accomplishments the day and weeks before.

I had COMPLETELY forgotten to plan out my day- I spent my morning shower feeling on cloud 9 about how awesome yesterday was, and how I just killed it the whole day! Woohoo!

I ended up spending a good week straight doing this, because for some reason the days just kept getting better- I was on FIRE! In full-on BOSS mode.  It was like I was in daydream mode- just enjoying my accomplishments as the week stacked up to sheer awesomeness. But habits are hard to break, and before long I had resumed my planning-enriched showers. Organization is important, right? Eventually I got my head out of the clouds and focused on planning my day out, like I typically would.

And life resumed to normal, with regular business days (some good, some bad) just like usual. 

I’d had a few of these hot streaks over the past few years, and never really made much of a correlation between the good days and the shower time (or other daily changes, for that matter), until I read a powerful article about manifestation that caught my attention. It was a new concept for me, and I admit- it sounded a little hokey.  But as I learned more and more about the science behind our thoughts and habits, manifestation was a topic that just kept coming back up. So I started to REALLY dig into the personal energy behind this idea and how to maximize its potential (because I’m an entrepreneur, and I like to optimize pretty much everything to an annoying degree). 

Energy is, after all, what makes EVERYTHING happen.

And that’s how I developed the MORNING SHOWER PEP TALK to set my day off with the best energy possible- EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Okay, so enough backstory- let’s get down to the good stuff… the ‘how-to’ of it, if you will…

For YOUR next shower (today, tomorrow, next Tuesday, I don’t judge, we’re all adults here…) I want you to try this easy four-step process:

1. Think of the last goal you accomplished- the most RECENT one.

Remember how good it felt when you got to cross that off your list? Mission accomplished, goal achieved!! Felt amazing, right? Lift your chin to the ceiling and feel that feeling. Hold on to those warm-n-fuzzies for a moment. 

Yeah, you’re a goal crushing badass. You crushed it, baby!


2. Now think of the BIGGEST goal you’ve ever achieved for yourself.

Think about the COOLEST thing, the accomplishment you just couldn’t wait to tell friends and family about because it. was. just. so. epic.

You’ve accomplished some pretty awesome stuff, right?

Like, THINK ABOUT IT: When you’re serious about something, your goals are basically as good as done- you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. 

Yes, you do, don’t be modest.

Think it, say it out loud, feel it in your bones!

Okay, we’re almost done. (There’s a process here, I promise.)  Now hold onto that amazing feeling of satisfaction from those goals you’ve crushed…hold it…hold it…and…

3. Think about the NEXT goal you’ve set for yourself! What’s next?

Imagine yourself DOMINATING that goal, and then apply that same, awesomesauce feeling. Smile, get happy!

This next goal is as good as completed already, because you’re a goal smasher, remember?!

The work required to accomplish this next goal is going to come flowing to you as freely as that scalding shower water. (Or cold water, whatevs.)

It’s going to be SO EXCITING to complete this next goal and feel that amazing feeling spreading through your core.

Boom…add it to the DONE list. 

See? Easy peasy so far- present, past, and future goals…a little out of order but necessary for this LAST thought:

4. Step out of the shower and say to yourself:

‘I ALWAYS accomplish my goals, and success comes to me quickly, easily, and often.’ (You can alter this sentence if you like, substitute the word ‘success’ for money, life, etc.) 

That’s it! The whole four steps. 

The point of this entire process is to exit your shower on a high note- feeling the joy, gratitude, and SATISFACTION of all your previous goal setting (we’re only focusing on completed goals here, the rest were just learning lessons leading to those completions, right?) and the EXCITEMENT of your upcoming goal. Viola! You’ve just given yourself a powerful pep talk.

You’ve shifted your mentality from one of overwhelming task lists and must-dos to a framework of ‘Im awesome and I’ve got this! Rawr!!’

I dare you to try this technique for ONE week. Just one week of my (dare I say) crazy suggestion, and see how you’re feeling. Prove me wrong, if you can. 

Just remember, you’re already a badass, you just need to tell yourself so.


Snag our awesome 5-minute Goal Manifestation worksheet to help get yourself into a goal-crushing mindset every single morning!

Simply print it out and fill in the blanks! 😉

Hey, thanks for reading! 

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