The Work-Life Balance Quiz – Guaranteed To Change Your Life


What is a healthy work-life balance, and why is it important??

There’s so much information out there these days about how we are constantly stressing ourselves out, overworking ourselves, and facing burnout. Quite frankly, all of the articles about feeling overwhelmed are overwhelming! (Sorry for the lame joke, but stay with me here…)

We WANT to improve our lives, simplify things, feel less stressed, and all that GOOD stuff. Right?

Except there’s just. so. much. information…  We’re gathering data from every corner, and often don’t know where to start!

We set ourselves (and our great goals and intentions) up for failure right off the bat.

But guess what?

Creating a GREAT work-life balance doesn’t have to be so hard. We just need to know where to focus our energy.

Instead of reading 20 articles and trying to decide what to do next, just take our quick quiz and see what areas of life (work, social, personal, family) you feel like you’re struggling in the most. (You’ll also see what you’re doing the best at! Score!)

This quiz helps you target the right areas first, so you can make REAL progress to feeling less stress, more connection, and a general sense of well-being and peace.

By working on specific areas in your life, you will:

  • reduce your feelings of burnout
  • prevent yourself from being overwhelmed as quickly
  • and create a plan for yourself with simple goals that are easy to achieve.

In general, you will make MORE progress towards living your best life, FASTER, by knowing where to start.

That’s how you build a good work-life balance that leaves you feeling more in love with your every day life.

To make this quiz as easy as possible for you, I have set this up as a quick quiz below, which will automatically give you a score and show you where to focus FIRST.

(Just scroll down to take the quiz.)

Or, if you’re a paper and pen thinker (sometimes having it written in front of us is SO powerful, right?) I have also created this as a printable PDF file that you can work on and come back to whenever you like.

Or take it every few months to check your progress and keep your focus!

(Just enter your email on the right to grab the downloadable PDF version.)

 Got the downloadable version? Okay… now check out the interactive Work-Life Balance Audit quiz below!

Find your strengths and weaknesses in business and life, so you can be happier, live longer, and succeed more often.


Answer each question on a scale of 1 to 5:

5- Completely Agree 4- Mostly Agree 3- Agree 2- Mostly Disagree 1- Completely Disagree

Use the scoring sheet at the end of the audit to determine your score. To be as accurate as possible, use your first reaction as your choice, don't hesitate or change your answers.

There are FIVE sections of the questionnaire, each section focused on a different aspect of work or life.

Once you finish all five sections and calculate your score, you will be able to use the overall score to determine if you have an optimal work+life balance.

You will be able to use the individual section scores to determine which areas need improvement and can focus on the areas most needing attention first.

Section 1: Work / Career

I rarely bring my work home with me.

Section 1: Work / Career

I feel productive when I finish work on most days.

Section 1: Work / Career

I am making the income (or profit) I feel I deserve at this point in my work/career.

Section 1: Work / Career

I work hard enough while also knowing when I need to stop working (I can avoid overworking myself).

Section 1: Work / Career

I enjoy what I do for work most of the time.

Section 2: Achievement / Goals

I accomplish most of the tasks I have due each day/week/month.

Section 2: Achievement / Goals

I am able to set goals for myself that excite me and are achievable.

Section 2: Achievement / Goals

I see myself moving towards my future goals.

Section 2: Achievement / Goals

I feel a general sense of satisfaction and happiness with my life.

Section 2: Achievement / Goals

I set realistic goals for myself in my work and personal lives.

Section 3: Personal / Self

I am able to handle stress and rest/relax when I need to.

Section 3: Personal / Self

My apartment/house/flat is clean and/or organized to my liking.

Section 3: Personal / Self

I have a good amount of interests or hobbies outside of my work/career.

Section 3: Personal / Self

I take holidays on a consistent basis and use sick days when needed.

Section 3: Personal / Self

I take sufficient care of my physical and mental wellbeing.

Section 4: Family/ Social

I have a good number of supportive friends and/or family.

Section 4: Family/ Social

I spend as much time as I would like to spend with my friends and/or family.

Section 4: Family/ Social

I am able to unplug from my phone/tablet/computer during family time.

Section 4: Family/ Social

I care for others a fair and realistic amount (not too much or too little).

Section 4: Family/ Social

I leave social gatherings feeling good about myself.

Section 5: Nutrition / Exercise

I exercise or do something active at least 3 times per week.

Section 5: Nutrition / Exercise

I eat healthy most of the time, and eat consistent portions. (I do not overeat or undereat).

Section 5: Nutrition / Exercise

I do not drink or smoke to excess and do not use drugs.

Section 5: Nutrition / Exercise

I see a doctor when needed and get regular checkups.

Section 5: Nutrition / Exercise

I try to maintain a generally healthy lifestyle and make improvements to my diet/exercise routine when needed.

Great job!

Now you’ve got your score, and you can decide what you want to work on next!

You just need to set some goals for yourself to help improve the category you choose (probably the one with the lowest score, right?) and go from there!

 Or, comment below and I can help you brainstorm some great ways to get started!

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Hey, thanks for reading! 

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