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Take Charge of your Advertising Budget & regulate your ad Spending with our Free


Budget Pacing DASHBOARD

Budget Pacing Dashboard | Free Resources & Data Analytics Tools | OWLLytics

Do you have trouble pacing out your ad spend so it lasts throughout the month?

Most ad platforms are happy to help you spend your money…

Being able to spread your budget out evenly helps regulate spending and build consistent sales!

Get a hands-on view of your advertising spending with this free budget pacing resource!

Budget Pacing Dashboard | OWLLytics

This dashboard uses a simple and easy-to-use Google Spreadsheet!

Knowing how to pace out your advertising spending not only helps you avoid spending disasters, but it preserves your ad budget for what matters most! 

Get the most out of your advertising dollars with this quick and easy dashboard:

See how much you spend on ads each day and what your current spending pattern looks like. 
Quickly see where your ads are spending too much, and eliminate wasted ads!
Establish a planned spending pace to maximize your budget throughout the month.
Adjust your advertising budget to match your spending goals and desired results!
(And so much more!)

We’ve even created a quick tutorial video to show you how to use this dashboard and get the most information out of it!


This resource gives you INSTANT ACCESS to the Dashboard, which is set up on a FREE Google Spreadsheet.
To EDIT and USE this spreadsheet, go to the top left menu and click FILE, then click SAVE A COPY.
(This will create your OWN spreadsheet and all of your data will remain private and visible to you only.)

Let’s talk a little bit about WHY your advertising spend & budget are SO important…

Budget Pacing is an important part of managing your advertising, preventing you from wasting valuable money, and utilizing your spending to match your goals. 

Knowing your spending patterns and setting a PACE for your advertising spending gives you the powerful ability to see and prevent problems FASTER than your typical advertising reports. 

Without this information, however, you have to rely on the ad providers’ data, which is often shown after you’ve spend the money, resulting in wasted dollars before you even see a problem. (Sorry, Facebook and Google, but time is money!)

Most successful businesses gather as much information as possible about their ad performance for a holistic (aka big-picture) view, including how much money they CAN and DO spend on ads each day.

Setting up a specific budget pace allows you to not only spread out your budget, but more importantly, it allows you to see problems with your ads as the money is being spent! (This gives you real-time prevention!)

Let’s get more specific with a quick example:

There is a new ad you want to run, with a 3.0% conversion rate goal (meaning that 3% of ad clicks will result in a sale).

You tell the ad platform that you have a budget of $500, and set your ad running for 30 days.

On day 10, however, you notice that while you were initially getting a LOT of clicks on the ad and things were going good, it suddenly dropped to almost no clicks.

What happened? You check your ad platform and see that you’ve already spent $450, and ad impressions have gone wayyyy down as the platform spends the last of your ad budget.

Since you’ve gotten plenty of clicks already, your natural instinct is to add more money to the budget.

-BUT- Here’s the problem:

Most ad platforms learn as they go- meaning that if you spend your budget too soon, the platform hasn’t gained enough information on which clicks are actually converting. Basically, your ad hasn’t been optimized yet. 

You’re spending all of your ad money before you know if your conversion goals are being met. There might have been some initial sales early in the month, but now you’re back where you started and the ad budget is gone. 

That’s why we wanted to simplify things for you, and make pacing your advertising spend a no-brainer.

Here’s why this is so cool:

The dashboard we’ve built for you helps you see a few valuable key points of advertising data-

  • How your ad spending is going day by day (the main point, of course).
  • Easily see if you’re spending money too quickly (or too slowly) at any point of the month.
  • Quickly find anomalies (such as a day of unusually high spending).
  • Get an estimate of how much you will spend for the month’s total, based on your current spending trends so far.
  • Make adjustments to match your spending to your ideal budget.
  • and more!

This is all automatically calculated based on a few bits of info, for a truly personalized view of your ad spending!

(Psst… combining this dashboard with our Return on Ad Spend dashboard gives you an advertising info powerhouse!)

Budget pace tracker dashboard


Of course, this free resource just scratches the surface of valuable information that can help your business grow successfully- but we can’t give away ALL the good stuff!

So if you find yourself wanting to dig deeper and:
  • Clearly understand your ad performance so you optimize your ads for better conversions (and see which are are sucking up your budget).
  • Get an overview on how ads are increasing ORGANIC sales and brand visibility (Sales that originally came from ad traffic can be missed- too much time can go by between the ad view & sale, or they might even have clicked an ad on their laptop and later make a purchase from their mobile phone! Not to mention other benefits of increased visibility bringing referral & repeat sales).
  • Examine other ad metrics (cost per sale/conversion, cost per click or view, etc) for a deeper understanding of ad performance.
  • Evaluate traffic sources that are bringing organic sales versus paid (ad-related) sales for a well-rounded marketing strategy.
  • and much, much more!

…then set up a quick chat with us to talk about your advertising goals and see what insights we can help you gain for smart, strategic (and data-driven) sales growth!

(Yes, you know I had to sneak in my favorite phrase again, or what kind of data analyst would I be? LOL!)


Schedule a free, no-hassle, 30-min chat with us here to take your Ad Performance to the next level!

Still haven’t grabbed the free dashboard, yet?!


Get it while it’s still FREE and see what you can learn about your ad spend and budget- today!

(Then give us a call to get even more value from your advertising data! 😉)


This resource gives you INSTANT ACCESS to the Dashboard, which is set up on a FREE Google Spreadsheet.
To EDIT and USE this spreadsheet, go to the top left menu and click FILE, then click SAVE A COPY.
(This will create your OWN spreadsheet and all of your data will remain private and visible to you only.)

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